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Hi, I’m trying to insert my floor plan from Sketchup to Layout to do the lighting and electrical symbols.
-Can I make changes of my floor plan on layout?
-Can I select my own scale,
24-July-M5-LIGHTING.skp (7.2 MB)
M5 FLOOR PLAN LAYOUT.layout (6.9 MB)
or must choose only from the listed menu?
Any videos that can support me on getting the layout for lighting?

As long as you maintain the viewport and it’s link to the SketchUp model you can’t change the geometry if that’s what you are after. If you render the viewport as Vector or Hybrid and then explode it, you will wind up with LayOut drawnig entities which can be modified with LayOut’s drawing tools. Of course then you give up the link to the SketchUp file.

It makes more sense to leave your viewport connected to the SketchUp model and make edits there. Keep in mind that at some point you’ll probably need to go to 3D for your model so having the plan and your 3D model in one SketchUp file reduces the chances for errors.

Yes, you an create your own scale if you wish. Scroll to the bottom of the Scale list in the SketchUp model panel and choose Custom Scale or go directly to Document Setup>Scales.

You should probably spend some time with the SketchUp and LayOut instructional materials at

A few things that will make your life easier:

First, in SketchUp you should be using groups and components to provide separation between various entities. In your model you have all loose geometry which will make modifications more difficult.

Before you send to LayOut you should create scenes in SketchUp showing the model as needed. For your scaled view you’ll need to set the Camera to Parallel Projection, not Perspective as you have it.

Purge unused stuff from your SketchUp file once in awhile. Model Info>Statitistics>Purge Unused.
Screenshot - 7_25_2022 , 6_30_46 AM
This purging reduced the fil size by about 99.99%!

In LayOut choose the desired scene from the scenes list. Using Last saved SketchUp view is risky when you start adding in stuff like annotations. Having the viewport tied to an actual scene is a much better plan. And then don’t do anything that results in the Reset button bing displayed in the Camera properties in the Sketchup Model panel.

Here I’ve set up the SketchUp model with a scene for the plan view. Then I updated the reference in LayOut, reset the Camera and chose the scene.

M5 FLOOR PLAN LAYOUT dr.layout (359.2 KB)

Note that you could and really should be doing the dimensioning, north arrow, and even the scale directly in LayOut. No need to do that stuff in SketchUp.

As for your lighting plan, you could be adding that detail in SketchUp as well.

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There are really good and quick free tutorials at Check out “commercial space layout course” as well as “layout essentials course”

thanks, I was struggling with my file size being too large. Will group everything again. I removed all my furniture to be able to get the lights clearer.
The explanation helped.
You mentioned that I could do electrical, and light works on SketchUp instead of Layout. I assumed that can only be done on Layout?! I worked on resizing all my symbols for lights and other stuff on Layout to be able to copy and paste them on the 2D floor plan that I inserted above. Will try the suggestion you gave. Will go back to the Layout videos once again to understand it better.
The explanation and picture have been helpful for me. Thank you so much for taking time to explain and write back.
Thank you.

It can be done in either application. If you want to do it in LayOut that’s fine. Create a layer above the one the viewport is on and use LayOut’s drawing tools.

Yes. That works.

I assume this must be for a class you are taking. I’ve seen a very similar floor plan from one of my students who was doing the same sort of stuff you are.

Yes , it is.