Layout File suddenly wont Open... HELP

I have been working on a project of about 64 MB in size and all of a sudden, today, the file says “Error reading layout file” PLEASE HELP!

did you move the file recently or was it always on the :L\ drive?


Is the L: drive a network drive, a detachable drive like an USB stick or an Internet cloud service?
When using memory sticks or cloud storage, it is usually best to open and save your file to your local hard drive and to copy it over when you have finished modelling.

LayOut usually keeps a backup of your file in the same location as the original, with a name starting with “Backup of…”. Can you open that?


@rgoldberg, please create a support case and send us the LayOut file for review. As the file size is more than 5MB, please send it to us via Google Drive.

Please note chances of recovering such files are very low and we strongly recommend to locate a working backup file (see @Anssi response) or a previous version of the file and redo the work.