LayOut Export to *.DWG with embedded images


When I export from LayOut to DWG the line work comes through on the DWG file, however the materials used are exported in a folder separately. Is there a way I can export this as a whole so that the images/materials are embedded in the DWG file as opposed to referenced?

Thank you

What version of SketchUp/LayOut? Please complete your profile.

Thanks for the reply Dave, I am using 2021 where I’m having this issue, I do have 2022 too, will using this resolve my issue?

I can’t see a way to do this, but I’m sure if there is a way someone will know.

Just out of curiosirt, what is the use case to use DWG after you’ve drawn in Layout?

AFAIK there is no way to do this from inside LayOut. The instructions I find for AutoCad all tell me to use copy/paste special to insert the images into AutoCad. Don’t have AutoCad at home to test the available options (like if using cut and paste special to the image refs would do the same trick).

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The use case here is that I’m modelling a building, setting it up on drawing sheets etc. and once agreed its sent over to a Planning Consultant for the Planning Application, they are requesting in DWG but have not referenced the images. I was hoping for a neater solution.

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Copy/Paste does work well in AutoCAD. You can also use ‘_imageattach’ in AutoCAD.

Imageattach attaches an image reference. There appears there is no straight way to convert those into embedded images.

A bit of an arbitrary request really from them, as that doesn’t really help them in this case.

I’ve had luck saving these with the dwg file when I use e-Transmit to share with others. There also is the SuperHatch command that can treat raster files as hatch patterns.

Thanks all.

I’ll look into the SuperHatch and see how that works, the materials/textures I’m using are very basic.

Superhatch was an old “Bonus Tool” that was included years ago. It can be hit or miss. If you are sharing the DWG files with a Planning dept I’d use the eTransmit command as well as a set of PDFs in case they mess up when they unzip the dwgs. With an eTransmit all of the reference files SHOULD stay together.

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It’s not a solution; but what I have done for the time being, is to drop the DWG into the folder LayOut creates when you export to DWG that contains all of the images.

That way when you Zip it and send it on, the chances are the user will unzip and open the DWG from there; and AutoCAD will automatically make reference to the images as they are in the same folder.

Not particularly neat or clever, but it works…