LayOut - dwg Export - Viewport and Image frames


For those of you who are haunted by those darn Viewport and Image frames when your LayOut files are exported to dwg know that we will be addressing these issues. However, in the meantime, I would like to provide a simple workaround.

For this workaround I will assume you will be using AutoCad but similar features are found in other cad programs.

Viewport Frames
1.Open the exported .dwg in AutoCad or related cad program.
2. Create a layer and call it something like ‘viewport’ then make layer a no print layer.
3. In the paperspace tab select all your viewport frames
4. From the Properties panel, change the layer of selected viewports to your created ‘viewport’ layer.

Now, because you have placed viewport frames on a no plot layer they will not show up when plotted. Furthermore, you can ‘Lock’ the layer so that you do not inadvertently move or erase it or ‘Freeze’ it if you do not want to see the frame any longer.

Image Frames
Type imageframe and set to ‘0’ or ‘no’ or ‘off’ or something like that when it comes to the visibility of imageframes. This will then turn off the frames to the images.

Hope this helps.



I am not sure but it might be that freezing the layer with your paper space layout viewports in Autocad will prevent them from regenerating and they will appear blank. I’ll try to remember to test it tomorrow. I usually freeze only model space layers.



Hi Anssi, I double checked and freezing a viewport does keep the entities within the viewport… that is as long as the entities within the viewport are not on the ‘viewport’ layer you just turned off. :0)



Good to hear. I had so many things to bother about today so I forgot this one.



OK. You have had 5 months to work on this issue. Is it fixed yet? because its making me look like an amateur when I send DWG files over to my engineers and they have to spend time trying to fix this. I don’t have AutoCad to fix it before I send it to them.


I wouldn’t expect any feature changes to appear before the next major release. For many years, maintenance releases have consisted of mainly bug fixes.