Viewport Bounding Box in .dwg Layout export

Using Layout in SketchUp Pro 2021, I am unable to eliminate the viewport bounding boxes when exporting to .dwg or .dxf file format. What am I doing incorrectly?
roller stand box.pdf (241.5 KB)

What kind of export options are you using? When I export a DWG from a LayOut page that has viewport edges invisible, they are invisible on my AutoCad paper space layout page too. Are yu using the "Export for SketchUp option?

Thank you. I am exporting as .dwg from Layout with AutoCAD 2010, Create DWG/DXF layers from Layout layers, Ignore Fills selected. “Export Invisible Layers” is de-selected.


I looked at your PDF more closely. Is your SketchUp viewport using Raster rendering? In that case your SketchUp viewport becomes an embedded raster image. I always use Vector rendering for exports to AutoCad.

No, vector rendered.


Can you try it in v.2023?

Thanks. I do not have 2023 but it has been tried by others in 2023 with a similar result.



I apologize for the tardy response. If ‘Export Invisible Layers’ is checked or unchecked the result is the same with the bounding box visible in the DWG or DXF file.



You must check also the boxes below layers, the last box, export for sketchup, will export everything to the model tab of Autocad, if you don’t check this option only the drawings of the viewports of your file will appear on the model at scale 1:1 and the pages will be on the layout tab of autocad, showing the drawings to the scale you’ve created on layout.

Hi Art, we place the SketchUp viewport on a “Viewports” layer in cad. You should be able to turn this off so that it is not displayed.

Please let me know if that is not the case.


Yes, “Viewports” layer can be toggled off in Layout. That is not the issue. It is the bounding box of the viewport we wish to eliminate not the viewport drawing.

Trent meant that the layer can be turned on or off in AutoCad.
Post your LayOut file and the DWG you get from it.
The PDF you posted is definitely raster rendered.

Thank you.

Yes the layer was turned off in AutoCAD by the recipient prior to sending it to a CNC plasma cutter. I do not have AutoCAD software. I had to explain, to the recipient, what the extra lines were.


Roller Stand.dwg (184 KB)

Roller Stand.layout (337 KB)

Hi Art, I see. I do you know without understanding the plazma software and how it handles viewports how to we can improve how we export to dwg in this case.

One way you could solve the viewport issue in LayOut is to explode the viewports you are using for the cutting.

This will convert the SketchUp model to LayOut entities removing the viewport and place them in a Scaled Group.

This will allow you to edit and clean up (by double clicking to enter the group) anything that you do not need and will solve the viewport showing when exporting to dwg/dxf.

Hope it helps.

Many thanks Trent. This does appear to resolve the problem as the bounding box is removed when the .dwg file is opened in CADReader on Mac.