Layout Double Images

I recently saved some images on Layout on my computer as well as PDFs, for some reason when I open up the PDF, it shows 2 pages of the same image. Why is this happening and whats the fix?

So you inserted some raster images into LayOut?

Hard to say without seeing your LayOut file. I expect there’s a logical fix but if you share the file we won’t have to guess at what it is.

I changed from Raster to Vector because the image was distorted

Darlene Office- Front Elevation View.layout (1.0 MB)

So then your “images” are viewports from SketchUp and not inserted raster images. I’ll look at your file but with that information, it sounds like your model or at least part of it is a long way from the origin in SketchUp.

I created Scenes from Sketchup and sent them to Layout, then added dimensions and saved.

OK. Looking at your file. It isn’t even a double image. Your viewport is on a shared layer which means it will show up on every page. The red bounding box indicates this.You can also see the red dot next to the layer name and you have the On Every Page layer active.

Right click on the viewport and move it to an unshared layer.

Edit: You do have your model strung out a long way from the origin so that can also create issues. There’s no need to model the way you have here. You need to learn to use components and groups correctly. Most of the geometry in your model is ungrouped. Also use Tags correctly. leave all edges and faces untagged. This is the result of fixing the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_28_2024 , 3_41_26 PM

how do i know what layer is not on a shared layer?

You can tell which layers are shared layers by the icon on the far right side of the Layers panel. You can tell what layer the viewport is on by selecting it and looking for the color square to the left of the layer name. Content that’s on an unshared layer shows a blue selection box and will show a blue square next to the Layer name.

Sounds like you need to take some time to go through the LayOut tutorials at

Darlene Office- Front Elevation View.pdf (206.3 KB)

Moved it to an Unshared layer, now the first page is blank

Can anyone help with this issue? I am trying to send these files to a client

Of course it would be. You move the viewport to an unshare layer so it’ll only be visible on the page you put it on. Copy the viewport from the second page and paste it on the first. Then select the desired scene for that page.

Good grief! I’ve been trying to help you. Evidently that’s not good enough for you.

DaveR, you may be a professional in Sketchup, what you need to understand is not everyone is. Just because you know what you’re doing on your end, doesn’t mean everyone else should know everything. If I need a fix, some patience with me would be appreciated. Watching videos upon videos wont help me memorize every step there is in this the Sketchup and Layout program. I’d appreciate some respect.

I’ve been patient and trying to help you with respect. I’ve given you the resources you need to learn how to use LayOut.

Trying with respect are the key words. I will try and find a fix on my own.

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Hi @stanko_putica - remember this is a user forum and people who help do this on their own time and are not paid employees of SketchUp. Dave has helped hundreds (thousands) of people… sometimes patience (by you) is needed.

I think you should take a break and start here:

And then:

Also, some common sense is needed. Dave explained that the reason you were getting double images was that you were using a shared layer, so things showed up on all pages. It stands to reason that if you remove something from this shared layer your file would change… which is the fix you needed. Now you need to figure out what is missing and copy / paste it add a viewport to make it right…