Double vision when working renders in Layout

Was attempting to save pdfs and it always showed a line drawing overlayed on my rendered image. Triple checked for extra geometry and none was found. However, I noticed the viewports changed when changing render mode. My guess is that its combining the views in hybrid render. Is there anything to do to fix this? Haven’t noticed a recent update that would trigger this.

Atkerson Doors.layout (1.5 MB)

You have your viewports or export override set to Hybrid rendering, and your model is placed at a big distance from the model origin.


Why is your model located so far from the origin? Is it because you turned off the axes so you don’t know where the origin is?

I moved your model so the corner I marked with the coordinates is at the origin. I created a scene in the model, updated the reference, reset the Camera properties and exported the PDF. Looks exactly like one would expect.

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My base file has an arrangement of doors/hardware/glass materials from old jobs to pull from when creating new projects, so as new projects come in, they start farther and farther from the origin. Didn’t realize that would be an issue down the pipeline, will revise workflow. Thanks everyone for the insight!

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Might make more sense to create individual files for these details so you don’t have to pull in SketchUP files that contain a bunch of unneeded entities and save your LO file from becoming bloated.

That’s how I do it, with a base file “Door Basics”, then when the new project is drafted, everything else is deleted and it is saved as a new separate file before inserting into its respective layout file.

You could make the individual SketchUp files and then create a scrapbook for them. Drag in the ones you need for a given project. Do it once in a way that makes it efficient going forward instead of doing the same thing repeatedly.

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I think that 85 meters from the origin is not that far, and that this is definitely an annoying bug. The well known display artifacts that pester large models in SketchUp only appear with distances way larger than this.

I expect it’s the distance relative to the overall size of the model.