Layout does not save window size correctly

In Layout Preferences > Startup the Save Current Window Size button only seems to save the window width. The Window height always defaults to about half my screen size (~600 pixels on 1900x1200 screen). Not a major issue but it would be nice if it opened maximized. Sketchup works fine.

Using 2105 Pro on MacMini; Yosemite; Dual monitor.


We’ve had one other report of this happening, but so far I haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is.

Are you using any OS X plugins such as “Moom” to handle window positioning? Do you have “Resolution” set to “Scaled” in the OS X System Preferences → Displays dialog?


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Hi, No OS X plugins used and both monitors were not using scaled setting. I normally have the drawing window on the primary monitor and the other windows (Pages, Dimensions, etc. ) on the secondary monitor (1280x1024). However, the behavior is the same if the windows are reversed. I also changed both monitors to scaled and set the max resolution for each - same behavior. From making some quick measurements on the screen, the maximum height on either monitor is 650 pixels.