Layout document tool panels

Hi Brains trust, as a complete novice I am stumbling over everything. Cue stupid question: the instructional video for Layout Essentials (document navigation) shows a series of tab titles on the right hand side which the instructor is able to open and close conveniently when he needs them. When I open those same panels from the window tab at the top of the screen they are huge and take up far too much real estate on my screen. How can I please get to arrange my useful tool panels like the instructional video? I’m using iMac Ventura 13.4.1 and Layout Pro 2023. Thanks.

Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing? You should be able to make the tray narrower by dragging the left edge of it.

Also, you’ll see I’ve created my own practice file as the exercise files in his video are not inside the zip file provided. Another stupid starter question in the making.

Well, as for the utility panels on the right, you can dock those together and collapse the ones you don’t need by clicking on their toolbars.

As for the exercise files, you should be able to download them with no problem. From the LayOut Essentials page enroll in the course.

Then you should end up on a page that has the download link.

You can “glue” the trays together on Mac, on windows the trays are different I’m not sure if the course you’re following was made on a windows or MacOS machine, any ways the trays will snap when you move them close to another one, when all the trays are closed the size will be smaller, if even only one is opened all the other will grow horizontally, you can change the width of any of them and the rest will have the same size.

Taken away for a couple of days on another job, but am very appreciative of your responses. Thank you. I have achieved the toggled-rafted-together look on a small footprint.