On LAYOUT Essentials You Tube lesson 1 . The LAYOUT sheet images have stacked displays of PARAMETERS you can select as required to set up your drawing.

Can you clarify what it is you are seeing? I looked at the I’m not seeing anything referred to as stacked displays of parameters. Maybe you are referring to the utility windows on the right side of the screen? On Mac those are turned on in the Window menu. After you have them displayed you can slide them together and collapse them by clicking on the title bars. Same thing as in SketchUp.

I think this is a reference to the Apple universe.

If I’m correct these are found under “Window” in the top bar

works the same in both SKU & LO

Yes. That’s what I described. Thanks for adding the images. Could you add images from LayOut?

Sure thing.

For context…the dashed line means it’s open but reduced. Check mark means it’s open and visible.

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