[Feature Request] Rearrange the Sticky Dialogs

Hi there and congrats on MY.SketchUp

Is it possible to rearrange the sticky dialogs once they are brought onto user interface?

I sort of like it that they seem to have their own place. :sweat_smile:

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At this time, we don’t have a method available to customize (and more importantly, to save that customization for you) for setting panels available in my.SketchUp.


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@jbacus @ericdbohn

I would propose at the very least that a better organized tabbed default tray setup be instituted.

Below is a collage of all my tabs in my tray, as I have it setup in desktop SketchUp. I believe it makes the most sense, as the panels are grouped by type. The Help (Instructor) and the Tree (Outliner) are collapsed against the right margin and can be slid out when needed.

Reasoning: For each type tab, I put the panel I thought would be most used at the top, then secondary panels below that, etc.

I think most new users would probably leave them this way, as it allows them to find the panel they need based on type.

(At the least, please don’t leave things with that ugly “Default Tray” setup.)

Anyone have any other ideas ?

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Thanks Again Dan for your very helpful organisational experience. One question though I cant seem to nest my instructor and tree outliner trays on the side of the window like you did? It just stays horizontal instead of flipping to a vertical little tab like you have, how did you do that? thanks in advance.
btw I found some useful info on how to speed up and optimise SU without having a ridiculously expensive fast machine. havent tried the suggestions yet apart from “purge all unused” so will see how it goes with the rest when I have a moment, cheers!

I have entity info then materials (these are the two I use all the time)
Match photo I only ever tic the model on/off, and the soften edges I rarely use (prefer to [shift]+eraser), so these are buried on their own pop-out tab.
Components I have with organiser below it on it’s own pop-out that I can pin when putting components onto the model (I tend to use the component dialogue for dressing - components used as elements of the model I tend to use ‘live’)

Other than that, my setup is the same as yours.

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You “unpin” the tray, by clicking the little pushpin icon on the (right end of the) tray’s caption bar. The pin icon changes and the tray goes into “auto-hide” mode, and slides up into the margin tab.

However, yesterday I moved those two hidden tray tabs to the left side of the window. It allows me to use the Outliner to select objects, and glance over at the Entity Info panel on the right side. (The other way the “Object Tree” tray covers up the Entity Info panel.)

SketchUp User Guide

Thanks Dan, excellent suggestion I may very well do this myself. Cheers