Layout dimensions lose reference, turn red

Hi there.

Using Sketchup 2023 and Layout 2023 on a new Mac M2, I experience the following bug:

After the Sketchup model is saved again, due to changes, many if not all dimensions in Layout lose their reference and turn red after I click Update Model Reference to refresh the viewports. My rough guess is that item numbers get reconfigured when saving in Sketchup and this confuses Layout.

This has happened regularly in the past with earlier versions, but strangely enough, clicking Update a second time would fix the problem on many if not all dimensions. Good enough, I guess. Not so anymore, repeatedly Updating does not fix anything anymore in v2023.

Now, I am aware of the usual ways to repair this:

  • Select dimensions, Reconnect to Model (does actually work on 1 of 20 dimensions, aka useless)
  • 2-click and wiggle the endpoints of every dimension to reconnect (doable if it’s 1-10 dimensions, not an option in a 50 page document with regularly 100+ dimensions)

Here’s my 3 questions:

  1. How can I avoid dimensions to lose their references when all I’ve done is change something completely different (or nothing at all) and save the Sketchup document.

  2. How do I fix hundreds of broken dimensions per document in any sensible way ?

  3. Am I the only one with this ?


Without having the file to look at, my guess is you are moving something in the SketchUp file, changing the viewport. See this post Dimensions loose reference.

As I said, I may be moving something completely different, or nothing at all in the Sketchup file. Saving the Sketchup file is what triggers the bug.

Where are the references saved? On the internal drive on the computer or somewhere on a network or cloud drive?

Same folder on the internal SSD drive