LAYOUT crashes on all imports with update 24.0.554

I am aware that Layout still is considered not as valuable as Sketchup and that issues involving Sketchup need your attention first …but after the latest update layout does not work at all! I can not import any file into layout anymore without crashing. Tried send to…tried drag and drop tried to import…

tried the new and the old graphic engine in all options. What else is there to try?

What format files are you trying to import?

Can you upload an example file that crashes for us to test?

In a pinch, can you revert to the previous version update to get your work done?

I just try to get my .skp files in I have not t
lampontwerp 1.skp (2.5 MB)
ried to go back to the previous version

file is enclosed

How do you revert to the previous version? I can not find it available for download.

I am having the same issue

Your file will not open in Layout on my Windows system.

It is created on an Apple so I guess that is obvious

Then you need to delete the newer version and reinstall the old one. It’s not the work that I love to do and prefer to do even on apple it gives clutter

sketchup and layout files work on both platforms. no difference between a mac file and a pc file.

and it makes my mac’s layout crash too.

then it should open easy in the newest version of sketch up

well no, a file can be corrupted and cause a crash. what I’m saying is that it’s not due to being made on a pc or a mac.

@colin does it crash on your side too if you try ?
something prevents layout to insert it anywhere. immediate crash.

bugsplat number 2656

nope the file only crashes if I import it in layout… made a copy of it …ran cleanup on it saved it with another name and tried agin but the problem according to me is the update in layout

Yours is the first file I’ve seen that crashes LayOut 2024. I’ve never had this issue with my own files. I removed the Match Photo image and cleaned up the objects so they are all solids. No it inserts into LayOut with no problem for me.

lampontwerp 1.skp (851.0 KB)

well I can import any file in layout but yours so I’m gonna go with “your file has a problem”

And that’s why I pinged colin and gave him an actual crash report to look at.

also, if I open your file, select all, paste in a new one, it imports fine in layout. so again, something in your current file is blocking the transfer.

I get a macOS crash report prior to the BugSplat. Below is a snapshot of the top of the report. The crash is a segmentation violation most likely do to a null pointer error, and is happening when Layout is attempting to set up the style. Anything beyond that will require the devs to look at just what is going on in the code at that point.

I have other examples of SketchUp file that open no problem in 24.0.483 but fails in 24.0.554.

I have turned off photo match without a change of failed outcome for 24.0.554.

Give me an email to send the file if you want it for testing.

Crash #2668
Crash #2667
Crash #2671

Inserting your file into my Layout also produces the crash. Removing the photo match scene made not difference for me. The geometry looks simple enough so I have no idea where the error could be.

In situations like this that I have had in the past, when I can’t figure out for the life of me why the SKP file is corrupt, my work around is as as follows:

  1. Ctrl “C” copy all geometry into the clipboard.
  2. Start a new blank Sketchup file.
  3. Paste in Place.
  4. Save.
  5. Insert the new SKP file into Layout.

This worked on your file without making any modifications to your geometry.

lampontwerp copy geometry into new file.layout (357.3 KB)
lampontwerp copy geometry into new file.skp (304.4 KB)

If you check the style property of the match photo scene, it should then work in LayOut.
There is a known issue with styles, check this thread: