Layout consistently stalling i.e. Mac Beach Ball


I’ve followed every instruction from support to clear the way for Layout 2015 to work without constance stalling. For example, I just have to move cursor and the beach ball spins for at least 1 to 3 minutes. At this point, I’m looking to go back to an earlier version. Anyone else have this stalling problem?


do you use a ‘Space Navigator’ type device?
what plugins do you use in SU?
is SU open or closed when you have theses issues?
and anything else that might chew memory…



No Space Navigator that I know about. Do I need one? To improve memory space though, I recently cleared 72 GB free out of 120 GB on my HD.

Yes, I have a few SU plugins, but all plugins, with desktop tool pallets, are non-active. Does that matter if SU is closed when layout app is running?

Moreover, neither open, or closed, SU main app, does not determine stalling problems: in fact, the only app running is…Layout.