Layout Circle Center Point Inferencing

Layout seems to have lost the ability to inference a circle’s center points. I frequently have need to dimension hole layouts in drawings. It was already tedious to begin with, having to zoom in extremely close to the hole, hold on the edge for a moment, then grab the center point, then zoom out in order to grab the edge of a part I am trying to locate the hole from. But now I’m not even able to inference the center point after hovering on the edge for a moment. Now I am relegated to attempting to grab the tangent of the edge of the circle as it relates to the center on the x or y axis. Is anyone else encountering this problem?

As a side comment to this problem. If anyone from the Layout teem is listening. When someone is dimensioning something with a circle of any kind it is extremely rare that one would want to inference the edge of that circle (not impossible…but rare). It would be wonderful if the dimensioning tool would default to the center point of a circle in this circumstance.

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Can you share an example file in which this doesn’t work?

What files do I need to share to demonstrate this? The .skp? The .layout? Both?

Just the LayOut file.

Non-Inferencing Sample.layout (263.3 KB)

Try to dimension the holes in the lower left view from the bottom of the part. I cannot get the dimension tool to snap to the center point.

The edges of the holes have to be circles in order for there to be a recognized center. The edges of your holes are exploded so they are only a collection of edges.

Remake the holes as circles and the Dimension tool will snap to the centers. It’ll help if you render the viewports as Vector too.

I see that now. Very good spotting Dave. Thank you.

You’re welcome. And since I already made it…


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