Inferencing with dimension tool

Inferencing with the dimension tool isn’t working well consistently. Tape tool seems to be no problem, but the dimension tool just won’t inference to a corner or center. This seems to occur on some files but not others. Anyone else experiencing this?

Can you share a file that shows these problems?

dimension tool issue.skp (233.9 KB)

What points are you trying to infer to? Everything I tried works fine for me.

I’m guessing a plug in conflict then. Here’s a quick video (the screen recording software seems to offset the mouse location)

Is there any difference if you move the object close to the origin? Why is it more than 200 feet from the origin in this model? What happens if you exploded the curve on the top so that the edges act like edges instead of a continuous curve? What if you also turn off Length Snapping?

It’s one of many shoring piles in the model. I just selected one at random. I’ll try exploding the curves, that’s a good idea, Dave

Just exploded the curve at the top of the iron.

exploding the curve did, Dave. thanks

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