How to dimension to the center of a circle from my SketchUp Model

Hi All,

How have you solved the problem of dimensioning in LayOut the center of a circle drawn in SketchUp?
I have tried drawing over the circle with a LayOut shape then dimensioning to that but that seems awkward. It seems as though LayOut should be able to inference lock onto the center of a circle in a SketchUp model.

Thank you,
IanHangers.layout (338.3 KB)

Don’t you get the “Center” inference when hovering over the circle’s center with the ‘Dimension’ tool’s cursor? That would allow you to click on the center to start dimensioning the radius of the circle.
I see that I can.

Thank you Wo3Dan!! That inference point had never shown up for me because I had never rested the cursor there long enough.


This is a real issue for me. I have to zoom very far in to grab each circle’s center and then very far out to grab the end of the measurement. If there is a short cut or a work around for finding a center’s cirlce in LAyout, that would be genius.