Layout changes the scale of a model even though the "preserve scale on resize" box is checked

2020.1 Layout changes the scale of a model even though the “preserve scale on resize” box is checked. 2019 MacBook Pro 32 gb ram and the discreet graphics. Also, WHEN will buying a mac laptop with a professional level graphics card make layout faster??? I can make Layout come to a screeching halt with one PDF inserted and 2 small groups. I turn stuff off and it still is not productive. It makes deadlines very difficult to meet. I find myself just printing stuff out and drawing on it for 5 minutes rather than spending an hour waiting for the spinning beach ball to go away.

Please advise.

Can you share the LO file so we can take a look? I’d be willing to bet if you turn on Auto Render or render the viewport after changing the size, it’ll sort itself out.

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I took a lot of the info out. It appears to work now… Hmmmmm or ArggghhhhhLayout for testing 03-25-2020.layout (8.0 MB)

This is what I see on your file.

Thanks for checking. It works now but it didn’t earlier. Not sure why

Looks like some internal issue in the program where the UI and underlying state of the setting got out of sync. Not sure how that would happen.

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Thanks. We still do not know why this happened in the first place tho…

Layout has HUGE problems so this matters because Layout does not work with large files and deadlines. It is not acceptable.
I may dump the app at this point.
I can do Rhino/Archicad and have professional level performance and tech support.

I’m not seeing those problems but I guess it’s probably too late for you. Sounds like you’re calling it quits. I will wish you good luck with whatever option you choose.

How large are your files? Complexity? What do your sheets look like? I am not alone.

Here are more anomalies: the screen display drops objects but prints them from the dialog box. Yes, the Mac hybrid rendering is broken.