Layout - can you have renders?

I’m new to layout and will be using it to present my SketchUp model for interior design purposes. Before realising I can use LayOut I was rendering scenes and then saving images to put into a power point presentation. My question is, can you still have renders on LayOut?

Do you mean renders like v-ray/lumion/other else?

sorry I’m quite new to Sketch Up also, I’m not sure what render I mean. I just click the render button on SU and it saves in a file in png format

I have SU Podium which I am using for the renders

You can create images from your Podium renders and insert those into LayOut. It’s not the same as the viewports from your SketchUp scenes, though, because there’s no dynamic link to the model. You could combine viewports from SketchUp with your renders so you can show both in the same document. No need for Powerpoint at all.

thank you this is helpful

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…and, you can change your renders and overwrite then, so, you can open the Document Setup into LayOut and update the image viewport after

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