Using a render plugin in layout


I have watched the you tube videos of the Architect Nick Sonder using sketchup and Layout to produce really great drawings. I believe he use the Lumenrt plugin to render his models. However i am unsure how he then uses the rendered models in conjunction with Layout to produce such detailed 2d drawings. Any thoughts?

Nick uses a highly detailed SketchUp model to produce his detailed 2D drawings. He does create stand-alone renders which he also includes in his CD sets for reference. In the past he used Kerkythea and yes, I think he currently uses LumenRT for video and still renders.

Nick uses fog in SketchUp to create a very distinctive look for his drawings and to focus attention which is something that transfers over to his LayOut documents. Perhaps this is what you think are rendered views?

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Thanks for the reply. I have been using fog in conjunction with the standard renders available in Sketchup to great effect, but i was hoping there was a plugin that would give more detailed/better renders than those included in the package. I have created a few of my own which have worked well, however it is quite time consuming just to get a better looking brick or tile finish to use an example.

Ya, no photorealistic renderer in LayOut. Maybe in SketchUp 2023? :smile:

It won’t particularly transfer to your drawings in LayOut, but there are some renderers that operate directly in the SketchUp environment. Thea render just released a feature to do that and LightUp bakes rendered textures into your model, that might be something to look into.

Thanks TysonK I wil look into it.