Layout annotation / material description



Hi Guys,

I am a long time sketchup user (more than 10 years now, I think I have started with version 6)
I loved sketchup from the beginning. It’s an awsome software, only problem was always the output to CAD which was / is mostly requested by all my customers… Since 2 years also Layout becomes more relevant due to export / import options. Thankful for this!
So I am coming now to my question.
I am using the Layout now for my presentations. I have one issue. Is there a possibility to reference the materials from the model? Usually when you doing a description, layout let you choose what to show (component name, area, etc,) but not the used material.

Is there a way to show the used tile material descripton (name of material from sketchup) other than to “write it manually”.
I would be very helpful for some solutions / work arounds !
Many thanks in advance !
Greetings from Vienna !


As for now, everything should be a component. You can access information of components via the label tool in LayOut. Data can be added through the ‘Advanced attributes’ (were there is not the attribute ‘Material’ , yet, btw), and by Dynamic Attributes dialog of the DC. The classifier tool also make use of the DC. For use of the material in DC, however, one must make an custom attribute which should be set to ‘visible’.

Too much trouble for such an elementary task, if you’d ask me…We need good material export-possibilities…


Yes. That works for me. Many thanks