Access to SketchUp Texture name with LayOut Label


Is there any way to access the SketchUp texture name with LayOut Label ?



Not with auto-text. You could probably write a plugin for SketchUp that would put the material name in the description of the component and then you could use the description auto-text in the label in LO.



It would be a great thing.

It would also be awesome if we could pick the area of all that material assigned in the model.

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Thanks for reply.

I’m using group/component’s ‘name(instance)’ for the finishing name of each part of the room with my LayOut drawing.

However, I think it is more natural to use the texture name as the finishing name for SketchUp information modeling.

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We can access the total area of the same texture in the model with SketchUp context menu.
Hope that the same function also exists on the label tool of LayOut.




All that useful info that we get in Sketchup is not able to be picked up and used in Layout, not even on Generate report, and that is really awkward as the biggest advantage of designing in 3D is that you are able to generate a lot of useful info really fast.



I get dimensions of components and the definition name in the description automatically which I can show in labels in LO as auto text. It’s very slick to process all the components in a second or two for that.

I can see tht it would be useful to get other information automatically as well.



Besides that I also usually take advantage of point coordinates but I have to manually change what to display as usually I just need the Z values.

I also take areas from faces.

But I could use so much more and it could be so much more intuitive and easy and flexible… that I would call it a waste of potential.


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