Layout 2024 - Export PDF - Coloured boxes appearing

Since I upgraded to LO 2024, when I export to pdf, coloured boxes are randomly appearing.

I have tried unchecking the Hybrid output override box, changing viewports between raster/hybrid and turning jpeg compression on/off. It may be a style related issue but I am not sure. Nothing seems to have a direct impact on whether or not these colored boxes appear. I have exported several times, and the colored boxes appear in different areas as different colors and sometimes, don’t appear at all on certain viewports. Is this a known issue with a quick fix? Any help is appreciated!


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I’m also getting the same issue, this is also happening in the viewports which also translates to the printed file. When I move the viewport box the coloured boxes sometimes disappear or change colour. Anyone know what is going on?

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I’m also having the same problem… Some of the viewports in LayOut are coloured and when I move then or change their size, the color disappear, but while wxporting the PDF, they appear again!..
I’ve tried everything that I could to solve the problem but I haven’t had any lucky so far…

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

Please also correct your forum profile. The operating system must be some version of Windows or Mac. Your answer of ‘2024’ doesn’t tell us anything useful. ‘2024’ also doesn’t identify the graphics card.

So my LayOut file seems to be ok, but after exporting the PDF some of the viewports are coloured…

WeTransfer link to layoutfile:

Profile updated to show Sketchup 2024 Pro instead of just “2024”.
I entered OS and graphics card info when I set up profile and it seems to be visible still so I am not sure why it was not visible for you.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 162211

I just opened your LO file and exported a PDF. No color box in the lower right corner as you showed. I wonder if it has something to do with your integrated GPU.

My remark was aimed at juliana.almada who did update their forum profile at my request.

Hi there

I am having the same trouble with coloured boxes appearing in layout 2024. What was the resolution of this thread? I would be grateful for some help in resolving this.

Thanks very much

Right click on the red box in LayOut and choose reconect with the model or something similar (I use it in Spanish)

ok I’ll try that. thanks so much

Still happening…now I’ve got green highlight around the view port? I would be grateful if anyone knows what is going on here? Thanks

You need to share your file in order to be helped