Layout 2024 custom shortcut does not last from session to session

Maybe I’m weird (OK, I am weird), but I have used K as the shortcut for the split tool in Layout. I like this shortcut because the icon for the split tool is a knife. Get it? K for knife? In previous versions, this shortcut stays put. in other words, I can close Layout and open it tomorrow, and that shortcut remains intact.

However, in Layout 2024, that shortcut is for the new feature of “View/Disable Draft Mode.” Now draft mode is cool, I muchly enjoy it. To the point that I really never disable it. If, for some reason I wish to do so, I can get there without the shortcut “K”. Which is not in any way intuitive, to me anyway, or even a mnemonic for view, draft, mode, or disable . . .

So I change the View/Disable Draft Mode shortcut to something else (anything I’m not otherwise using is fine, cuz I don’t need this feature as I said above). And replace the shortcut for the Split tool with K.

I just did that. It works fine.

But tomorrow, or later this afternoon, when I reinitialize Layout, that shortcut will have disappeared and has been restored to Split.

Can someone tell me how I can do what I wish to? (“Learn to live with it as delivered by Trimble” is not an option.)


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Hi tpdes, it looks like we introduced a bug preventing this from persisting. We have a fix in place and will become available in a future release. We used k as that is the shortcut in SketchUp for enabling disabling back edges so there was a related display function that users would be used to in SketchUp.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.


Thanks for the info, Trent. I was somewhat dismayed (but not entirely surprised) to discover that some shortcuts (in SketchUp or Layout) are NOT customizable. Seems to me that if there is a feature where the user can reconfigure function to his/her preference, ALL of the components of that feature should be able to be reconfigured. As is found in most other software packages where customization is possible. I look forward to the next release. Meanwhile, I begin my Layout work sessions by changing K to initialize the “split” tool.

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Same here. Had a feeling it was a bug.
I change draft mode to one of the function keys as it’s a “function” and not a “tool”.
And ‘K’ is exactly what I use because of the exact same reason you mentioned.
No "tool’ should every be locked out of being changed.

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