Layout 2020 export to DWG creates redundant geometry too close together

I’ve tried every single auto cad format, and every time I get this dumb tiled geometry that is so close together that I cannot separate them. I tried making a new page, blowing up the geometry to a larger scale, and included only vector, no raster. same issue.

Additionally, a separate bug I’ve encountered is dealing with the furniture itself. some members are rendering only the profile of the items, not the regular lines. profiles were turned off, so I’m not sure why only profiles are showing at regular line width. I ended up fixing the problem by going into the model and exploding the grouped “couch” geometry. but there’s other lines and stuff that just don’t appear in the layout space.

Is my file too big? I never had these issues in the last go around.

Are you using multiple stacked viewports in LayOut?

nothing is stacked. I made a new page even and did the whole “insert” from scratch.

The one thing I haven’t tried is making a new file all together but I already made a bunch of pages for this one so if there’s a work around at the local level, that’s what I’m going for…

Same thing is happening in a new file… not sure why or how to fix… please help I have a midterm next week

it worked fine when I had a new model with only one item on the page and I did “send to layout” and didn’t touch the viewport… but then all I did was copy the viewport below and change the scene. is that why there’s strange duplicates in random places? because I duplicated the viewport then changed the seen, rather than creating a new insert?

It depends on your export settings, but basically the exporter takes your every viewport and exports its contents to the Model space in the DWG file, putting the exported geometries beside each other in Model space. Only the Export to SketchUp option, a bit illogically, takes a “vector screenshot” of your LayOut page and puts that into the Model space in the DWG file. Otherwise fine, but the scale is the paper scale.
If you can, post a LayOut file that misbehaves in your opinion.

of course, the export to sketchup option is what I needed for illustrator… thanks! lol I’ll try that

I tried checking the box and now only 1/8 items on the page show up…

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