LAYOUT 2020.1: Hybrid render not working

Dear SketchUp Community,

I’m having issues when using hybrid render in LayOut 2020.
I get the message "Hybrid rendering, while effective at representing complex Styles, can take much longer time to render than either vector or raster."
And indeed it does, I have had my PC running for more than 24 hours now and the wheel is still spinning.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I hope someone can help me solve this!



Which one of those files is the LayOut file?

Hi, that would be second one:

It took a couple of minutes on my computer with an old Nvidia graphics card but not that long considering the amount of geometry in the model. I would guess that your integrate Intel graphics card is the bottleneck.

Before starting to render it I did open the SketchUp file and run CleanUp on it. There was a lot to be cleaned according to the report.
Screenshot - 5_18_2020 , 8_27_44 AM

Thank you so much! I will test the file on another computer with a more powerful graphics card to see if the Intel chip is the bottleneck.