Layout 2019 incredibly slow

Hello guys and ladies…

I know this topic has been discussed million times, but I am really having trouble with Layout with its speed. Unfortunately due to confidential issue, I cannot share my file online.

My current SKB file is 68533KB and the Layout file is at 41808KB. I have tried every tricks discussed on this forum(clear unused components, hide unused layers, delete necessary details, turn resolution to low, etc), but it doesn’t seem to get any better.

I do know that I am working in architectural scale with tons of assets in vector. However, it is taking me somewhere between 1.5 to 2 hour after pressing the update button under document setup.

I am just wondering if this is normal. And if there is other thing I could do to speed up the file…

This is my computer’s info:

Thank you! Appreciate your feedback.

I expect at least part of the problem can be attributed to your graphics card. Integrated graphics cards are well known to be problematic and are not recommended. Without seeing the LO file it is difficult to give more other than guessing. One option to speed up the process is to leave rendering set to Raster at least until just before export

Hey @DaveR, unfortunately I just cannot release the file. I did try the trick you mentioned last week. Putting it from raster to vector took exactly 1.5 hour…

I understand that you can’t release the file but you must understand that we can only guess at possible solutions for you, too.

I do understand that. And I appreciate your help.

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Although there will be some slowness at the end, you might find it useful to leave the style for the scenes set to Hidden Line while you are setting things up in LO. Then, once everything is done and you are getting ready to export the LO file, change the style for the scenes to whatever you need it to be–Shaded with Textures if that’s what you want. Then update the reference in LO. This of course requires that scenes aren’t modified in LO but of course we’ve talked about that and you aren’t modifying them in LO anyway.