[layout 2019] cntrl-shift- moving objects: sometimes trouble

In v2019 (as well as in v2018), shift-copying an object/text/line etc sometimes goes wrong (Win10);

  • select an object - for instance a line
  • press cntr, press shift, move the object
  • many times there’s no problem - the object is copied to its new position
  • sometimes, LayOut goes into a loop where the copied object jumps between the old and the new position many times. Esc doesn’t stop it. Switching to another window sometimes does.

Why are you pressing Ctrl and Shift at the same time?

To constrain to an axis. My drawing have many elements in it. I need the shift or the text/object etc is not at the same horizontal / vertical position.

Try this instead.

Press Ctrl, start to move the copy and THEN press Shift to constrain the direction.

Alternatively, you could copy and paste and then move the still selected copy with the cursor keys. Hold Shift to make larger nudges.

Your first suggestion results in the same jumping of objects.
Copying first and after that moving does work though - thanks.

imho this should be on the bug list. It works like this in SU fine.

Are you still holding Ctrl after starting the move and while holding Shift? I’ve never had any problems with that.

Yes, I’m holding ctrl otherwise its not copying for me.

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