Lines duplicating/stacking in Layout

I’m finding that frequently lines created in layout are duplicating on top of themselves sometime 4 to 5 high causing me to delete them to get back to the single line. Is there some copy function I’m inadvertently initiating without knowing it?

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Maybe. Paste is always a paste in place thing. If you are copying and pasting it could be you’ve pasted a bunch of times. Maybe a key is stuck? Hard to say without more information.

This is in LayOut 2019?

I’ve found that when holding the CTRL key to select multiple entities (text, dimensions, viewports, etc.), inadvertently clicking on the same entity again will place a copy in the same place.

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Hi Dave, I have SU and Layout 2023. Maybe it’s because my mouse function is touchy, I’ve noticed my click and drag for copying is sensitive and will either be stodgy or drop a copy before I’ve released the button on my mouse. Maybe I should get a new mouse. The lines in question or the ones I did an initial copy of; but of course, I was surprised to discover multiple stacked copies.

Please update your profile. It’s way out of date.

Maybe that’s it. As @racanf noted, If you were trying to select multiple objects with Ctrl active and your left mouse button is flaky, you could certainly get what you are seeing.

Not terribly expensive and defintely worth a try.

I noticed the same Ctrl key selection issue. If you use the Shift key selection it helps.

You can also try initiating the move before clicking the Ctrl button (click on geometry, drag geometry to new location, then press Ctrl at the end of the move, then release mouse).

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