Copy paste in Layout


Can anybody tell me why is the copy paste function in LO different than SU. I have been struggling to post about this issue & the fact that when you do paste in LO (OSX mac) that LO only lets you paste the object in place rather than have it connected to the cursor, so you can move it to the place you want the copy. I think if Trimble wants more people to use LO it needs to work better as a page layout program.



I personally like the fact that it pastes the copy in place. That makes it dead easy to stack viewports and to copy entities in exactly the same location on multiple pages. If I don’t want the pasted entity in the same location, it’s easy enough to move it with the cursor keys or the mouse. I use Paste in place a whole lot more in SketchUp than I do Paste, too. In fact I almost never use plain old Paste.


Absolutely DaveR - the paste in place is the key to utilizing Layout and makes everything align and transfer perfectly. If you need to move it after it is easy enough with the move command. If you are copying on a single page it’s really easy with ctl/move = copy. Layout works really well in my opinion.


Thank you both for replying to my post, I like to say I wasn’t saying to eliminate paste in place , but to give the user the choice of like “paste special”. I also forgot to mention that when you want to move a copy in LO (mac OSX) that when you hit the option key to make a copy to move you have to hold down the option key until you have finished the move otherwise you loose the copy.
Just like to say to Mr. Sonder, thank you & Matt for writing such a great book, which I have been using & have embraced your workflow. I use to work in the Tahoe area for Q & D Construction, out of Reno.
Thank David R for your response, read your posts all the time