Layout 2018 Model Styles

So I am quite new to this Layout malarkey!! I previously had the 2016 and 2017 Sketchup versions and used Layout quite successfully, if not rather limited!!

My issue is now I have come to use 2018 I am unable to work out how to edit Model Styles as I previously was able to in 2017… I have been looking at my reference book “Sketchup & Layout for Architecture” and it talks about editing and mixing styles to get a look unique to you… my question is how on earth do you do this in 2018???

Editing and mixing styles is done in SketchUp, not LayOut.

In LayOut you can sort of combine styles by stacking viewports. Each viewport is tied to a scene in SketchUp that has a different style applied to it. None of this is new in SketchUp/LayOut 2018, though.

With the stacked viewports you can also use different rendering types. You might have one viewport set to Raster or Hybrid and another set to Vector which can give you a different appearance.

Hi DaveR, thanks for your swift response… I’m sure in 2017 version I had a better selection of models to choose from… maybe it’s just me and the fact I have been staring at this screen for 12 hours trying to get templates sorted etc!! thanks again, will look back at some older files and have a play around in SketchUp!

I assume you’re referring to models you created? If you still have those files, you can open them in SketchUp 2018 and send them to LayOut as before.

Time for a walk or something stronger. :wink: If you still have templates from SU2017 and LO 2017, you can use them. You don’t have to make new templates.

Hi DaveR,

I was actually meaning the Model Styles in layout that change the look of the ‘drawing’ you create in layout.

The old templates needed a rework as they weren’t the best so thought I would start again from scratch, kind of thinking I may have been better off just amending the old ones though now!

I’m a bit confused. Models are created in SketchUp and the styles are selected in SketchUp. You can select a different style in the Styles tab in the SketchUp Model window in LayOut, it’s not good practice to do so.

Is this what you’re referring to?

Yes that’s what I was referring to… in previous versions of layout you could mix and edit these styles to create your own individual style

I think you’re confusing that for SketchUp which has had and still does give you the capability of mixing and editing styles. There’s never been an option to edit or mix styles in LayOut.

Doh!!! Yeh that’s the one I was looking for!!!

Everything’s still where it’s always been in this regard.

great thanks… now need to remind myself where it is and how to use it when sending images to Layout!! thanks!

After you’ve edited and mixed up the style you want, use it in scenes in SketchUp. Save the SketchUp file and send it to LayOut. Select the appropriate scene for the viewport and presto! The style you made will be shown.

If you want to use a different style for a viewport, best practice is to return to SketchUp, make the style changes as needed, update the style and then the scene. Save. In LayOut, update the reference to the SketchUp file. As I wrote before:

Don’t do anything in LayOut that winds up making the scene show as modified.