LayOut 2018 is buggy

Ever since updating to 2018, LO has been super buggy. The bugs have been just minor annoyances up until now but it has started lagging and freezing when I open more than one drawing. I have lost several hours at work trouble shooting and searching through forums. I would appreciate any help here as I am generally unhappy with 2018 and can’t change back to 2017 because everyone else in my office uses 2018 (they all have Macs and don’t have these problems).

OS: windows 10 - 10.0 build 16299
graphics card: Intel HD 530
I have uninstalled and reinstalled sketchup, restarted my computer and updated my graphics card.

Main issue (new): when I open more than one drawing the program slows right down and does stuff like this:

Minor annoyances that came with the 2018 update

  • doesn’t snap to inference points regularly (I have already posted about this, it still doesn’t work right)
  • won’t open files or send to layout if Layout is already open, I have to go file>open to open a second file
  • our logo has started disappearing from drawings at random
  • lags when I use the slice tool


NEW: It looks like it might be just one file causing the problem, but I would still appreciate any feedback on the minor bugs

Why do you assume it’s a bug when you know it doesn’t affect others you work with? Isn’t it more likely to be related to your hardware? Like your colleagues, I use a Mac. Like them, I don’t have the problems you report.

I know graphics cards are often an issue but maybe someone more techie than me can comment on yours?

When you reinstalled it, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator?

What you show in your screen shot is created by the graphics card/adapter in your computer. Have you tried running it on a PC with a better card?

See SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help

Mac drivers for Intel graphics are written by Apple, and they tend to work better so the Intel graphics issues are mainly seen on PCs.

No I did not, my account is the only one on this computer so I didn’t think to do that. Do you think it would make a difference if I tried reinstalling it as an administrator?

We are probably going to look in to buying a different graphics card.

As Anssi shows, above, Intel graphics have been problematic and aren’t recommended. If you can replace the graphics card in your computer, that certainly won’t hurt. Get an Nvidia GTX1060 or something along those lines. The Nvidia GeForce cards have proven to be good choices for SketchUp and LayOut.

Thanks Dave and Anssi, we are going to look in to our options :slight_smile:

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