Layout 2018 crashes when trying to update model reference?

Hello, my recently updated Layout 2018 pro crashes when trying to update my sketchup model reference. Any response will be well received.
Kind regards

Hi Gary we are looking into this. The crash stack looks to be related to your video card!0x7fff28562000 Crashes.

I will let you know what we come up with.

Also, could you try to export to pdf from SketchUp and see if the same crash occurs?


Trent, thank you for your prompt response :sunglasses:

To provide you with more information, I have tried a few different actions, results are;

  • I CAN export to Pdf.

  • I tried the same action, updating the sketchup reference, in Layout 2017 and Layout shut down.

  • I was able to update the reference on another page in Layout…but the program crashed when I tried to go from one page to another. Tried this 3 times by moving to a different page, then my computer shut down/rebooted.

  • I have purged the file on both sketchup and Layout.

  • Sketchup appears to be working fine

I am getting the feeling it is a computer problem. I recently installed macOS High Sierra, and my computer has been randomly rebooting/shutting down…and behaving un-apple like when starting up

I hope this helps you at your end. I have started a discussion with apple to find out if it is a hardware/software drama. I will let you know if anything comes of that.

Once again, thank you for your generous assistance. :sunglasses:
Kindest regards


Just want to let you know that I believe my Layout 2018 problem has been solved :sunglasses:

As it turned out, it was my computer, a CleanMy Mac software problem. It appears it had deleted important caches and changed my mac operations detrimentally.

I have since uninstalled CleanMyMAc and reinstalled macOS High Sierra…and touch wood…Layout is working fantastic so far. I discovered Layout 2018 was working very well on my Laptop, thus suggested it was a computer problem. Thanks to a couple of helpers on mac discussion board. Computer dramas solved.

So…please let it be known, it was NOT a Layout 2018 problem, but a non mac software problem.

Thank you for looking into my malfunctions, a very generous offer of assistance. Hope you have a great xmas and New Year.
Kindest regards
Gary Dobbin

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That is great news Gary and thank you for letting us know how you came to the resolution.

We do appreciate it and wish you the best.


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