Layout 2017 Selection Tool Lag

I am having major lag issues inside layout whenever I switch to the selection tool. Especially when transfering through groups, or leaving the text tool. It’s significantly slowing down my workflow for mundane things.

Anyone else have this issue and can offer some kind of advice? I heard about people having a selection tool problem inside SketchUp itself, but that’s running very smoothly for me. I’m thinking about removing some windows updates but I’m hesitant if it doesn’t really apply to layout issues?

Please help if you can!



Hi Joe-

Are you having this trouble with particular files, or is it all the time? LayOut doesn’t use the same graphical tricks that SketchUp does to display the selection window, so the windows updates shouldn’t affect the behavior.

As a test - create a new file. Add 10 rectangles scattered over the page. Is the select tool fast again?


Hi Marc, thank you for your time!

So the squares were fine. but I added a grouped scale from my scrapbook and
that’s when it bogged down again. So I guess it happens some of the time on
different files.

If it’s a file you can share with the development team, please email it to me or put it on DropBox and PM me the link. I will do some testing to see if there’s anything I can suggest.


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