LayOut 2016 will not save files?

I have paid for a sketch up and layout 2016 late last year and I have been having troubles saving files. It happens mostly with LayOut 2016. I work on layouts and save them. Then the files start to play up- especially when trying to insert sketch up and trying to resize them. I save the files. They say the files are saved but if I close that file and then try to open it again it says that" Error reading Layout File- even through it has it listed as recently closed file.

What can I do to fix this?

How many SketchUp files are you inserting into a LayOut project? Could you show a screen shot of the References page from Document Setup?

I upgraded to Lay Out 2017. think there was a problem with the 2016 when I uploaded it as it is working perfectly now.

Howvere back to 2016- it wouldnt even support one insert on a single page file. NUTs eh. i had to export every page as a pdf before i saved it.

Thanks for your offer of help :slight_smile:

What steps are you using to make viewports in LO from the SketchUp model.

Thanks but everything is working fine now with 2017 version. I m ok with it as I set up all the scenes in sketchup and they now working perfectly.

Thank you I dont need any more advice

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