Layout wont save


Mac OS X 10.7.5
Sketch Up and Layout Pro 2013 (Version 13.0.4811):
LO file size - 23.1MB - House Renovation with custom title block (inclu 2 small jpg) lots of fills and some masks referencing 3 SU files of approximately 15MB each

After months of work (lots of back ups available and <5min. of work lost) and suddenly LO says “something has happened to this file and it cannot be saved”. I cannot “save as” to a different name, location or to a different version of LO. LO does not crash and I can export PDFs for 19 of 30 pages (I was editing pg 19 when this note appeared). All subsequent pages show the grey box with “Broken SKP Link” note. When I create a new LO file and copy in the title block from the problem file I get the same message. I have tried a restart, I have purged unnecessary references, and per the Sketchucation Form I have consolidated layers and deleted all unnecessary layers.

How can I save this file? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Right now I am making multiple LO files from scratch, each with as few elements as possible in order to accomplish the revisions I need.


Quick Update - Recently, upon making modifications the file crashes every time I try to export PDFs. When I try to reopen the file, the “recover” preview shows the modifications I have made but when the file is opened the modifications are not present.


Slightly less quick update - After cutting the existing LO file into multiple smaller files and creating several new views and drawings I was able to export several different PDFs that I was then able to cut and paste together in Acrobat Pro to recreate the output that I was initially going after. Then after a couple of hours off the clock I went back to the original file and it saved perfectly. Ghost int he Machine?