Layout 2015 keeps crashing at startup



Hi everybody! I’ve been trying to open Layout all day, with no success. I’ve tried reinstalling. I’m not sure what else to try. SketchUp Pro opens fine, it’s just Layout. Also won’t open in safe mode. Help!


Is your graphics card driver up to date?



(1) Your Intel Integrated Graphics are old and obsolete, but make sure that your graphics drivers are up to the latest available from Intel that support OpenGL:

Do you get a BugSplat window ? Do you send in the report ? What user name do you give ? (so it can be looked up in the splat database)

Did you install SketchUp with administrative rights?
Meaning did you follow the install instructions here:
Installing SketchUp:

If you do not get a bugsplat window when starting Layout, do you get any Microsoft C runtime error windows ?

If so, is your Microsoft C/C++ Runtime Libraries up to date ?
If not, follow instructions in this post:

Is your DotNET 4 runtime libraries up to date ?
If not, follow instructions in this post:


Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. My computer is also having completely
unrelated problems today that have held me up.

First of all, it appears to be FIXED! I followed instructions to delete
some temp folders. Something about scrapbooks.

In response to the suggestions though:

Thank ya’ll for pointing out my graphics card update/obsolescence. I will
look into that.

I definitely got a Bugsplat window, I think I used my email address for the
splat database.
I did ‘run as administrator’ to no avail , if that is what you’re referring

Runtime Libraries are a little beyond me. I will have to do more research.


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Thanks for following up. There’s only one other email on the same crash report, so it’s not something that happens a lot.