Layout 2015 crashes at startup

Unistalled and re installed it.
I checked the scrapbooks file location
Ran as administrator
Checked that all updates to windows are current

Sketchup works
Style builder no problem

Only layout, right before deadline


I found one of your crash reports in our database. Try renaming or deleting this folder:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2015\LayOut

Note that this folder is where scrapbooks, templates, and settings are stored, so if you have anything important saved here then don’t delete it - instead, rename the folder.


Hi Marc

I tried deleting that folder but no luck.
When I try yo start Layout it creates it again

This is the expected behavior. Marc wanted Layout to rewrite all settings files back to factory defaults.

I see.
I did uninstall and then reinstalled the whole suite so all settings were already reset to default.
Any other ideas?


It’s possible that I was looking at someone else’s crash report with a similar name. Can you tell me what name or email address you put on your crash reports?


I registered sketchup make with but used a gmail acount for pro.

It’s not a question of what you registered with, but what you entered in the bugsplat crash reporter. I’m not seeing any crash reports with “roqueto” on them. In this image of the BugSplat dialog, the user has entered their name “Christopher” - you’d want to put “roqueto” there.