Layers with SketchUp 2017



How can I desactivate a calc in this new version I’ve just installed ?

Thanks for your help



Can you explain what you mean by a “calc”?


well… in french the name is “calque”…

I don’t know how to explain


You can turn of a calque (or layer) by going into your default tray and unchecking the layer you want to turn off.


According to Google Translate, you are looking for info on Layers!

One layer can be active at a time (indicated by the solid dot to the left of the layer name). Note that Layer0 should generally stay the active layer. You can toggle a layer’s visibility by checking or un-checking the box to the right of the layer name.


Thank for your reply

On 2015 version I’ve just reloaded we had the possibility to activitate different layers is that no more possible?


That is now located in your “Default Tray”. You can access that by going to Window > Default Tray > Show Tray


OK Thank you very much for your quick reply, I will install again 2017 and thy to found out.


ok it works fine now.
Thanks again you’ve make my day (or evening at least :wink:


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