Layers Windows manager


The Layers Windows manager has disappeared from my screen. Any thoughts on how to get it back. I tried downloading software again. That didn’t help.


is it ticked on on the “windows” menu?
If it is, then it may be off-screen somewhere - increase the screen resolution and see if you can find it, move it closer to home and put the screen resolution back.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately my screen was at max resolution so
increasing it didn’t help, but I appreciate the thought.


Worth a try… There is an extension called “Layers Panel” that does a bit more than the built in version - have a look under the | window | extension warehouse for it and see if that works for you.


Go Window/Preferences/workspace and click reset workspace.
That should restore the dialogs to their default location.
Have you added or removed a monitor recently, or changed the desktop layout?

Positioning of subwindows is restricted in movement on multi-monitor configuration

Thanks, I do have a external monitor hooked up to my computer and the
problem seemed to go away once I disconnected it.

Again thanks for suggestion.


Have replaced 2nd monitor & reset workspace. All windows except components are restored, component window is gone??


Try Window/Components (to make the components dialog the focus) hit alt then space then m then any arrow key and move the mouse around until the dialog comes into view.