Layers palette 2019

Why is that the Layer palette do not have the layer selection button. In its place there is an eye selection button for swiching the layer visible or not. There isnt any help added to guide the user of the change. The help videos on Youtube still shows the old palette.

If you look to the right of the tray you will see a pencil Icon, this is the one that changes the active layer, it makes more sense as it is a recognizable edit icon.
The Eye Icon rightly changes what is visible.

The main reason for the change is that changing the active layer is something that should be done far less frequently than changing the visibility of layers, it has been moved to make it simpler to change the visibility as that is the main purpose of layers.

If you find yourself changing the active layer frequently it may suggest that you are using layers incorrectly and it might be worth reading up on their proper use.


Thanks Box, I did see the pencil, but did not see the function.