Visibility in layers

Hi, my layers section does’nt have a visabilty section to turn off and on…

any ideas how to bring it in?


are you not ‘seeing’ the eye?



is that the same as the tick that is to the right of the layers under visability?
is it just in a newer version?

your Profile says you have v19 and the eye replaced the former versions tick box…

if that’s missing try making the window wider to reset it…



thank you i have the eye, but i was told to always keep that on layer 0

how do i change the visability and stay in layer 0?

The radio button in SU 2018 and older should always be set to Layer0. The eyes however control visibility and replace the checkboxes.

thnk you, how do i keep in layer 0 in v19 if the radio button is gone?


the Pencil replaces the radio button for the Layer you draw on…

it’s on the extreme right now to help people avoid accidentally changing from Layer0…


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Thank you, that makes sense x