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The tiny open/closed eye is not a good way of showing which layers are visible or not. They are visually too similar to each other and i find they often require closer inspection to check whether a layer is visible or not. Anything with a greater contrast between the two options would be better, even if it was an open eye for visible and an ‘x’ for not visible.


I think it´s not a problem. if you work with just 5 layers (like me) you can deal with big Sketchup files into LayOut and get great results and a good workflow.

I think one of the improvements, for example, would be to have an automatic index tag to put on the first page in the documentation


I personally don’t have a problem telling the difference between visibile and not visble layers but if you do, you can always edit the icon file and change it to suit. Here is an example I just made.


I think it should just be a check mark, like in SketchUp. It allows to easier see the active layers without having to focus on them, it would help visually impaired and it would be more consistent.


Hi Dave

Thanks, I’ve gone with your suggestion, I always forget I can do things like that.

However I still think generally that from a U/X point of view they are too visually similar. On a 27" screen they are tiny icons and anything that prevents me having to check twice whether a layer is on or off is beneficial.



The least similarity is between an open eye and an eye that is not there.
If the eye is invisible, the layer is invisible! For example Gimp:

The information that this icon wants to convey is boolean (not categorical). Since we are not interested in the type of eye (one of multiple types), so why should our brain waste effort to process the details of the icon?


On the other hand, the lack of any apparent UI widget or control obscures the fact that the UI has an active control. If all the layers were made invisible then there would be no apparent UI control mechanism - the contrast between on and off disappears. I’ll grant that if the initial default is for a layer to be visible (which is highly likely in this case), the user would have encountered the presence of the UI control (eye icon) as part of turning layer visibility off, and would likely remember it in the near future. Nevertheless, the thought of invisible UI controls worries me slightly.


All layers can’t be made invisible. There has to be an active, visible layer.


That’s a good point, in this use-case.


the style of the images is so different from every other ‘button’…

I replaced them with some made in SU >> export PDF with a line weight of 6…

could be heavier outline, but that’s easy enough…


probably should have drawn them in LayOut…



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