Layer visibility

Currently using the SketchUp 2019 trial in both the Mac and Win 10 environment.

Is layer visibility available in the trial version. After going thru a number of tutorials on using/creating layers, visibility has usually been shown as a check box for turning on/off. I assume in 2019 that is the eye icon. However, toggling the eye on/off does not do anything for the layer visibility.

Should I be looking for a different tutorial?

The eye icon controls the visibility of groups and components that are assigned to those layers. Technically they aren’t assigned to the layers. Layers in SketchUp could more accurately be thought of visibility tags given to entities. Layer 0 should always remain the active layer. All edges and faces should be created on and remain on Layer0 and only groups, components, and text entities like dimensions and labels can be given other layer associations.

Trial version is the full version.

The trial should be fully functional, so perhaps you encounter something else.
Perhaps you have not assigned anything, yet.
Be aware that layers in SketchUp act merely as ‘visibilty’ tags.
They do not seperate geometry like most other CAD software.

Did you try the learn tab in the welcome screen?
In the campus, there are some good fundamental tutorials.

Got it. Yes, I had done the tutorials a couple of times, but missed the subtle difference of identifying the layer in the Layers tab and the Entity Info tab.

Problem solved.


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