New Layers in Sketchup Pro become Default Layers

I’ve three Groups drawn on Layer 0. When I try to isolate them by putting on a Layer, either by selecting, or hiding the others, and + Layer, it becomes a Default Layer, along with 0 Layer, and it cannot be made invisible. What am I doing wrong?
I thought I’d organized things well, but in Outliner, it appears I did not.
Thanks for the help.

Could you post the model?

The visibilty icon is now on the left, and it is an eye.
It switcht postion with the ‘active layer’ icon (which used to be a radiobutton)


Hi Craig. Long time.

Clicking on the + in the Layers panel does not assign a layer to a group. It only creates a new group. You need to assignt eh layer to the group in Entity Info. Also, click on the + does not make the layer the active layer.The active layer is indicated by the pencil icon at the far right. You should be keeping Layer 0 as the active layer.

Hi Dave.

Got it - thanks; I knew I’d hear from you; you’re so ‘johnny on the spot’. It’s different than Layers in Layout, which I thought was similar, where you can insert a skp file and assign it to a layer.

I went to the forums and tutorials before posting but didn’t grok what was there.

Thanks again!

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Layers in LayOut act more like layers in the sense of transparent sheets one on top of another. This is the traditional idea of layers and makes sense in applications like LayOut or Photoshop. Layers in SketchUp are different. The term “Layers” probably isn’t the best one for this. Think of them instead as a tag that gives a visibility property to components and groups. All edges and faces get and keep the Layer 0 visibility tag while the components/groups in the model can get tags other than Layer 0. In my screen shot above, the Hardware layer tag is used for the hardware in the model. Clicking on the eye for Hardware turns off the visibility so that stuff isn’t displayed in the model space.

Keep your work flow simple. Leave the pencil icon at Layer 0. Model the part you are working on and then in Entity Info, assign the appropriate layer tag to it. Keep in mind that if you need to edit the component or group, the geometry inside will still have the Layer 0 association so Layer 0 remains the active layer. There’s never any need to chase the active layer like you do in LayOut or in Photoshop.