Layers off and on

Hi! It would be wonderful to be able to turn on and off the layers, just by clicking on the design. Just as Autocad does. When you click on an object, it identifies the layer it is in. If you could turn it off from there, not having to go to the layers list it will help to make changes faster. The same way to paste characteristic of an object to another.

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What is it you want to make changes to?
And why would turning off the visibility of the layer of that object make that easier?
If it is because you want to modify something behind the object you could also right click and hide it temporarily…

Try this

When working with heavy drawings, turning off some layers helps going faster.

Following on from mariaesalinas, I used to follow the Brightman method of having scenes set up for certain tag states, e.g. external walls, internal internal walls, ground floor, first floor and so on.

It would be tedious to navigate to the scene I wanted to make edits.

I created a ruby script to create on/of commands for my standard tags to which I assigned a shortcut.

So now I just have one scene.

If I want to turn on/off the wall tag I press space + w (I also use AutoHotKey), to turn, say, floors on/off I press space + f, to switch between the existing arrangement and the proposed arrangement I press space + n and so on.

Much faster way to model (for me).

If you install this snippet (It is not really an extension, but you can install with Extension Manager if you allow Unrestricted extension):

Dezmo_Hide_Layer_Tag.rbz (555 Bytes)

As usual: No warranties! Use at your own risk!

Right click on an object give you a Context menu “Hide Layer: layer_name” / “Hide Tag: tag_name”.
Where the layer_name / tag_name is a name of layer/tag which associated to the current object .
Only one object should be in selection and the associated layer/tag should not be the actual (active) one to get the context menu.



I know many people here use a working scene for that. The scene would be in a fast style, profiles off and maybe some tags/layers turned of…
Just one click and probably even faster…

Faster indeed but not as flexible as “clicking away” tags as you go.
Both have their advantages.

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