Layers does not appear when you import file as ifc?

why when ifc file imported into sketchup layers does not appear , i found only one layer (layer0) if any option can i do to import layers ?

I don’t think there are layers in an IFC file. IFC is itself a method of organizing building data, so it doesn’t need additional layers.

Seems like an oportunity to store information about layers is implemented in IFC specification for an object representation: IfcPresentationLayerAssignment.
So maybe IFC import really ignores this information during import into SketchUp in case if information about layers actually exists in the IFC file being imported or maybe information about layers was discarded ealier during exporting to IFC file?

[UPD] Seems like currently IFC import in SketchUp actually doesn’t handle information about layers stored in an IFC file. I’ve tested a sample file (here is a link to IFC file samples) and I can confirm that layers were not imported:

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