IFC Import Missing Walls

Hi all - hoping someone has some suggestions.
I don’t import many IFC files - so I may be missing something very simple.
I’m not exactly sure what program this was created in…I believe Vertex, but I could be wrong.

The only thing (that I care about), that isn’t importing are all the walls - interior and exterior.
I tried regular import - no walls show up.
I tried IFC importer - no walls show up.
I viewed in Solibri - walls are there
All the walls show up in the outliner, all show as visible, the walls even show up in the component tray - just not in the actual model.

Screenshot of the model open in Sketchup on the left, showing the outline and the components. Solibri on the right with the same model opened. The blue line in Sketchup under the garage is the same highlighted green wall in Solibri - showing the name of the component, FND_WALL_6x42, which is also highlighted in blue in the outliner on the left side…which is supposed to be ‘visible’ in Sketchup)

Any idea how to fix this - super frustrating.

Can you share the ifc file? It seems like the items you say that are Walls are Building Element Parts and those are not imported.
What do you really need? Geometry or Geometry+information?
You can try to import into Trimble Connect and export again to Trimbim. Then import the Trimbim file to SketchUp

Unfortunately no, I can’t share the file. But geometry is what I need and I believe you are correct that the Walls are Element Parts - do you know why those are not imported?

My work around was importing it into Sketchup2022 and saving it to my library…importing it worked perfectly fine, walls and everything show up - so version incompatibility I’d assume.

Upload the file to Trimble Connect. Then select the file and click to view the model.
When you see the model innthe screen click in the 3 points to download as Trimbim.
Import that file in SketchUp 2023. You will have your model

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