.ifc import

Hi there,
I had an issue with importing an .ifc -file. Unfortunately I couldn’t import the the ifc walls. Why is this?
I tried severel ifc-viewers and they all display the walls. It is a ifc 2x3 format
Perhaps someone can help me, or fix the problem

The zipped file (inside Wiedl Dach-.ifc: Wiedl Dach-.zip (136.0 KB)

I’ve tried your ifc and i have the same issue …

maybe a problem with Bauwerk ifc export ?
do you have the Sketchup format to test it ?


Hey djoseph, thank you for your response…,
the .ifc format is exported out of dietrichs software. Every ifc-viewer I tested was able to display the walls. I tested bim vision (bimvision.eu), solibri (www.solibri.com). All visible. Now I tested trimble connect and it was not able to display the walls too. I think its a sketchup / trimble thing…
Here is my skp file: Wiedl Dach-.skp (4.7 MB)

I wonder what BIMSight would show. It is Trimble’s free IFC viewer. We once had similar problems with it not showing something that was no problem for Solibri.

Hi there ! and Hi Annsi !

Bimsight is no more supported by trimble since 01/01/2020 … now it’s Trimble connect (web, desktop, inside Tekla, Inside SU … ) :smiley:

I’ve tried to ope it with TEKLA and … no more Chance … bat ghosted box appears (?) … probably at the origine of your wall … strange

Now I used the FZKViewer from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (https://www.iai.kit.edu/english/1302.php) and opened the file. The following Structure is shown while opening the file:

. All parts are shown. In ifcWallStandardCase there are 15 entries. And they are displayed too in this viewer.
The viewer has the possibility to export as .dxf. Now I opened the .dxf-file in SU and am going to the Outliner. Here are several ifcWallStandardCase Components visible. Even tags where made. What is not visible (in the .dxf Import) are the IfcBeam and IfcMember -components (but in the .ifc Import)
Huh… this is going to be complicated,
I solved the issue in my way, so I can work now, so I am just fine for now.
…hoping someone can at least improve this little import struggle

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… Dalux Bim Viewer displayes everything too.

thanks for your link to FZKViewer … the ability to export seems cool

another viewer i know is xBIM ( https://github.com/xBimTeam/XbimEssentials ) … it’s openSource

just one more note, do you have note that the 15 ifcWallStandardCase were imported in your initial *.ifc ?


I saw the import results in SU, the 15 IfcWallStandardCase-Walls are listed, but they are not showed in the outliner as they are when I import the .dxf twin (produced over FZkViewer)

Ahh its a little pity…
Thank you

The same for me …

Strange, i’ve made several test, with different ifc class (beam, roof, column, …) and without ifc class …
and i’ve tried to convert an ifc project to

  • DXF … ok for your project, but resulting in empty blocks for me (with an other project)
  • STL … ok … but without groups … so it’s not good

thanks for your link … and your problem :wink:
if you find why some elements of your project are OK an the others NOT (beams, …) … i’m interested to know it

have you tried with Collade format ? it didn’t work for me …

In The FZK viewer collada export ist not possible for me too. No output. I think it is unsupported…

in general i hope the ifc import for sketchup will be improved in further versions considering workflow aspects…

how do you install the xbim from github?

so … wait and see :wink:

i’m back with XBimExplorer direct link to precompiled installer :wink:

have a nice day !

Thanks 4 sharing the SBimExplorer :slight_smile:

I just had a look at the ifc-import thing at this forum, and found out that the problem with importing walls is existing quite a while…

…they say trimble is the one to put the finger on…:slight_smile:-)

it would give me pleasure if there was the possiblity to strike in a new path towards solving, rather than persisting of this issue… sorry 4 my bad english :slight_smile:

…lift your head up high…

I made a little collage of my projekt:

First one is: solibri
Second one is: ZFKViewer
Third one is: XBim Xplorer
4th one: is my beloved sketchup
picture one to 3 are showing walls, skechup sadly not.

…hang on trimble guys (if someone reads this) please provide wall import 4 sketchup