Layer Visibility Bug?

I’m having a problem with the visibility of the dashes layer.

When I open the Sketchup component it has the dashes layer visible. However in layout it is not showing.

Another issue I have found is that when creating a scene, the dashes layer switches off by itself.

w1.layout (397.4 KB) w1.skp (48.9 KB)

Is anyone having the same problem?

It’s not a bug in LayOut. Your LO file use Last saved SketchUp view as the “scene” and you have it modified. Do it correctly. Create a scene in SketchUp that shows the dashed layer visible and set the viewport to show that scene.

as for the layer being turned off, how did you create that layer? Did you use an extension? I see the same behavior with your dashes layer. I deleted that layer and made one in the normal way via the Layers panel and the layer visibility doesn’t change when creating a new scene unless I specifically change it.

When you create a modified scene in LayOut, you are telling LayOut to ignore scene-specific changes you might make in the SketchUp file. Layer visibility is scene specific as is the camera position, style, shadow, section and fog display, etc. Correct practice is to set up scenes in SketchUp that show the model the way you need to see it in LayOut. Then do not modify the scenes in LO. If you need to make changes, go back to the SketchUp file, make the changes, update the scenes as appropriate and then update the reference in LO.

If in the native scene all layers are visible, then why isnt layout showing it?

If you right click in the layout viewport and open in skethup, you will find that the dashes are present, but yet they are hidden in layout.

Will check about the extension used for the layer.

Because you’ve modified the scene in LO.

Exactly. Because you’ve disconnected the LO viewport from the SketchUp “scene”.

Edit to add: It’s not a wise thing to use the Last saved SketchUp view as the “scene” for a viewport in LayOut. If follow the rule of not modifying the scene in LO, and you change the camera position the next time you save the SU file, the viewport will change. If you do modify it, as you did in this example, then as I already wrote, changes to scene specific properties in the SketchUp file won’t be displayed in LayOut.

Let me explain what I have done so that you can better understand my confusion.

I actually exported a saved component from a sketchup model (with the dashes on)

Then imported in layout, adjusted the scene by selecting the front ortho view (not by clicking inside the viewport).

From the initial import the dashes are not visible, so I open the skethup model to check and find out that the dashes are visible.

Which confuses me as layout it is not.

I’m doing all this to establish a faster workflow when exporting components from sketchup for detailed drawings in layout. So going inside each component sketchup file just to add the scene is not feasible

This indicates to me that you don’t have a clear understanding of how SketchUp and LayOut work together.

That also modifies the “scene” so you vcreate the same problem.

If you want to establish a faster workflow, first get a grip on exactly how SketchUp and LayOut are designed to work together. Refusing to use the tools the way they are designed to work does not create a faster work flow. It actually makes for a slower workflow.

I understand what your saying. As I already have the typical workflow of saved scenes, etc.

I was interested in experimenting different alternative workflows.

I thought I’d try my version of swimming, you kinda do things like normal but you keep one head below the waterline. If for some reason you don’t have a second head…


That wasn’t very nice or necessary

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